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Company: Silbersee OG
Company address: A- 8864 Predlitz-Stadl, Turracher Höhe Nr. 344.
Phone: + 43 664 4561345
UID-Nr.: ATU67024668
Legal form: Offene Gesellschaft
Company register Nr: FN 374814 y
Registry court: Landesgericht Leoben
Controlling authority: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Murau
Bank account: Raiffeisenbank Murau 8850 Murau, Bundesstraße 5. BLZ: 38238
IBAN: AT 16 3823 8000 0000 3913, SWIFT/ BIC: RZSTAT2G238

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Apparthotel Silbersee

8864 Turracher Höhe Nr. 344.

Tel: Recepció: +43 664 4561345 Foglalás: +43 680 2372353


Turracher Hoehe is located on the Main Road 95, 1700 meters above sea level. The Apartment Hotel is located directly on the shore of Turrachersee, across from the Wildkopflift. It is also easily accessible at wintertime. From the lakeside you can directly access our private parking. Leave the main road at Jägerwirtsiedlung and after 30 meters you reach our parking.

GPS: 46.922913, 13.872117